July Update 2017 

Opening the Village ~ Launching Living History

At East Jersey Old Town, there are ten relocated colonial buildings waiting to come to life; this is a chance to activate a colonial period village for the first time in the museum’s history! Other historic village museums, you can encamp at, but here you have the opportunity to use the actual period buildings!  Already we have members ready to bring their crafts to life with spinning, blacksmithing and dyeing demonstrations. However, there is so much more that can be done in these buildings that give the Brigade a well deserved chance to shine! Activities such as candle dipping, pottery, woodworking, leatherworking and more are all available for willing volunteers to display to the public. (The only limitation is NO fires in the fireplaces, outdoor firepits will be available.)  This is an opportunity to be a part of a large scale operation to bring an entire colonial village to life in the heart of NJ. In addition, if there is any colonial craft that you specialize in, please contact Mary Diaman, at 551.206.0226 or email her at mdiaman8@gmail.com to sign up or suggest an activity.  

Sutler’s Row/Blanket Sales

Another part of this weekend will be a large Sutler’s Row with colonial sellers willing to sell their wares to the public and fellow reenactors. There is no gift shop on the site, so this is a prime opportunity to be the sole sellers of colonial items and souvenirs to the public. This is the opportunity to educate the public and experience the life of the colonists as they would have lived in the very buildings that they once did. If you are a Sutler please contact Chris Diaman at 201.503.1105 or wj2help@aol.com or Scott Barone at barone1002@gmail.com.  Blanket sales will commence after the military action on Saturday to give us a chance to trim our collections or to add to them – please bring your unwanted items to sell!

Tactical Weapons Demonstration

Please join us for two days of skirmishes along the Raritan River. There is a large field next to village that provides a perfect backdrop for our two exciting tactical weapons demonstrations. On Saturday the 7th, the colonial militia stumbles upon a British foraging party and engages them. As volleys go back and forth, the British get pinned down and have to send back for reinforcements. Action packed linear warfare ensues, as soldiers take cover behind hay bales and other various means of protection. The British wind up recovering their foraging party and retreat to their area with the militia hot on their tail, pushing them back. The following day, Sunday the 8th, the militia will send out a flanking reconnaissance party which happens upon a British outpost. As an engagement commences, more British regulars arrive and a battle ensues. The British push the militia back towards the village. Hot action takes place across the open field. As the militia retreats, they seek any obstruction to cover behind and fire on the British. Eventually the militia has to retreat through the village back to their camp as the British relentlessly pursue the militia.


We would also like to invite anyone who wishes to participate in overnight camping; both period and modern is allowed and there will be access to running water, porta-johns, limited flush toilets, and security as well as other facilities. The event will also include food trucks for those interested. Watch for Hotel discount information as the event gets closer. Furthermore, we would like to stress this is a Horse Friendly site. Wood, water, and straw will be provided. Please register your regiment online at ejotevent.com for the Registration Form. Please write any other requests or questions you have in the assigned section of the form and we will respond with prompt haste. We hope to have all the regiments registered by September 23rd, 2017 in order for supplies and Jollification refreshments to be accurate. Please go to ejotevent.com to sign up as soon as you can and ensure your spot at this fantastic event!

55th Anniversary Dinner on the Green

This year marks an auspicious occasion for the BAR; it is our 55th anniversary! We hope you can join us for a wonderful time of food, music, and laughter on the spectacular Village Green of East Jersey Old Town. There will be a buffet with salad, entree choices (beef, chicken, fish, pasta) and sides, as well as a litany of desserts at a minimal cost of $15  to you. The BAR is subsidizing dinner from our honorarium.  In addition, the BAR will be hosting a jollification starting at dinner and going until Tattoo. Please sign up at ejotevent.com/registration  for more information. The evening will not be complete without you, the loyal and supportive members of the BAR for the past fifty five years. Please, come and help us to make this anniversary truly spectacular!

May Update 2017 

The BAR would like to invite you to Launch Living History for the first time at East New Jersey Old Town. This October 6th– 8th, full military encampment offers the unique opportunity to bring to life a working colonial village. East New Jersey Old Town is a beautiful site that has over twelve unique historical buildings centered on a spectacular village Greene. Among the buildings that we hope to bring to life are a schoolhouse, a church, a Textile Room, a Tavern, as well as a British and Colonial Headquarters. This encampment hopes to have fifty British Tents and fifty Colonial Tents, allowing for overnight camping or local hotel accommodations. There will be a tactical battle that recreates one of the number of skirmishes that took place over this land during the war. In addition, there will be drilling throughout the day and a chance to show the public what a real military camp would have looked like.  Furthermore, this is a great event for any and all CCM members to demonstrate, sell, or show off their wares.  We would like to invite ALL Suttlers, Artisans, Bakers, and anyone else who has a colonial craft they want to put into the spotlight! There will be a Suttler’s row as well as one to two indoor buildings available for those who want to spin, sew, wash, or dye. If there are any other colonial skills or activities anyone would like an opportunity to try out please contact Ed Glidden at eglidden@yahoo.com for more information or to discuss ideas. We hope to see you all there!